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  • Large party tub insulated , double walled, and personalized.  Holds beer, wine, champagne and other drinks with ice when serving drinks to party guests. Includes a stainless steel interior and a mango wood exterior.  Perfect use for the kitchen, dining room or home bar.  100% leak proof = absolutely no leaking for a mess free party
  • Personalized extra-large drink tub for parties includes a custom name, monogram, or message.  Lifetime warranty guarantee on all personalizations.
  • Personalized party tub constructed of stainless steel and wood.  Add a custom name, monogram, or message.  Choose your font choice.
  • Large round beverage tub, insulated and double walled, with an interior stainless steel and exterior mango wood.  100% leak proof construction.  Absolutely no leaking.  Use in your home when celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or holiday.  Holds the most wine, beer, champagne, and other favorite drinks.
  • Large party tub for wine, beer, and other drinks when chilling at parties in the home, dining room, or bar.  Removable inner stainless steel bucket wall is 100% leak proof and allows for easy cleaning and dumping of ice.  Exterior wall is an elegant dark mango wood.  Great when celebrating with friends and family for a recent wedding, anniversary, or holiday.
  • Big drink tub to chill and hold wine, beer, champagne, and other drinks for parties in the home when celebrating the holidays.  100% no leaking with the moulded double wall insulated construction.  Interior brushed stainless steel bucket wall is removable for easy cleaning and dumping.
  • Large leak proof party tub with inner stainless steel wall and outer mango wood wall.  Great for wedding, anniversary, birthday, and holiday party use.  Serve wine, champagne, beer, and other drinks to your party guests.  Keeps drinks chilled for hours.
  • Large round party tub to hold and chill the most wine, beer, champagne, and other drinks for at home parties in the kitchen, dining room, or bar.  Made of stainless steel metal and elegant dark finish mango wood.  100% leak proof.
  • Extra large party tub for drinks ships fast from St. Louis, MO and delivers fast to United states cities and other locations.
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Personalized Party Tub XL Double-Walled Mango Wood - Riverbend


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Extra-large party tub made of safe and lead-free materials that ships fast and delivers fast.

Big drink tub for parties with custom name available for purchase with guaranteed safe checkout using paypal, google pay, venmo, or credit card.

The Riverbend double walled party tub is the heavy duty, extra-large party tub you have been searching for.  It's large round 30QT capacity can easily hold up to 40 12oz bottles or 10 to 12 bottles of wine or champagne, plus ice!  The double walled, insulated construction is formed by a 2cm thick mango wood outer wall and a premium 1mm brushed stainless steel inner wall.  The inner bucket is removable making it easy to dump and clean after use.  This is the party tub that will last you party after party, for years to come with sheek & elegant style.

Material:  mango wood & brushed stainless steel
Size: 21" top diameter x 9.5"h | 15.6lbs | 30QT

  • Handcrafted
  • Premium 2cm mango wood exterior
  • Dark stained finish
  • Smooth brushed stainless-steel interior
  • Food safe
  • Holds 35 to 40 twelve-ounce bottles with ice