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  • Dog toy bin to store dog toys, ropes leashes, or bones.  Strong, indestructible metal with handles on two sides for eacy carrying.  White color matches any decor, whether it be the bedroom, living room, or family room..
  • White dog toy bin or basket with paw prints and bone.  Store dog toys, bones, leashes, balls, and ropes.  White color matches any decor in the bedroom, living room, office, or family room.  Made of strong durable metal with glossy white finish for easy cleaning.
  • White dog toy bin or basket for living or family.  Made of strong long lasting galvanized metal with high glossy white finish that is easy to clean.
  • White dog toy bin, basket, or box to store dog toys, balls, ropes, and bones.  Small compact size to easily set in the corner of a living room or bedroom.  Includes custom dog bone and pawprint decoration in rose gold color.
  • White dog toy bin, basket, or box that ships fast from St. Louis, MO  and delivers to United States locations fast.
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Dog Toy Bin - Small 10-Quart in White

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White dog toy bin or basket made of lead-free metal that ships fast and delivers fast.

Durable dog toy box or basket available for purchase with guaranteed safe checkout using paypal, venmo, google pay, or credit card.

You will love this dog toy bin, designed with highest quality metal (leak-proof / rust-resistant / lead-free), you'll never need to buy another pet toy bin ever again! The toy bin stands upright, and the convenient handles make it easy and comfortable to transport or move when needed.

Material:  galvanized iron
Size: 16"L x 12"W x 9.5"H | 10QT | 2.7lbs
Color:  pure white
Metallic Decal:  Transfer Decal / Nickel / 3D / Waterproof / Shiny / 0.07mm thickness