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Anchored Ice Bucket Lid by BREKX

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Not only are our insulated buckets perfect to chill your wine, but they are also ideal large ice buckets.  Adding our complementary hammered lid to your Anchored beverage tub gives a multifunctional use to your product.  Use it has a beverage tub or use it as an ice bucket.  Or order two so you can have both!  Our Anchored Hammered Insulated Ice Bucket with lid can hold up to 12 quarts or 3 gallons of ice.  This is a must have for your next party and is perfect for the kitchen, bar, or patio.

BREKX Tip:  Purchase with any of our Anchored party tubs for a premium 3-gallon ice bucket and receive 50% off the lid

Material:  202 stainless steel
Color:  natural silver stainless steel
Size: 15" top diameter x 7"h 

- Handcrafted
- Premium 0.7mm material thickness
- High gloss mirrored exterior
- Easy to clean
- Food safe




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