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  • Serving tray for parties made of stainless steel with extra durable hammered exterior.  Use to serve food, snacks, and drinks at a wedding, anniversary, or birthday party.
  • Serving tray with hammering on the sides, stainless steel, paired with our stainless steel Aspen bucket with hammering on the sides. Use for parties, weddings, bbqs, or just to keep your drinks cold without having to worry about rings or drips on your table.
  • Metal tray with hammering on the sides. Use by itself for barware, drinks, food, or storage. Or use with our Aspen or Colt lines to keep drips and rings from forming on your table
  • Serving tray to serve food, drinks, and cocktails at parties.  Use in home in the kitchen, bar, or dining room to serve your party guests.
  • Quick shipping personalized beverage tubs. Customer service. Central location for quick delivery.
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Serving Tray Hammered in Stainless Steel - Kingston


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Silver metal tray ships fast and delivers fast use for parties with safe materials for food and snacks.
Steel serving tray for parties is safe to purchase using visa, paypal, gpay, or venmo.

Enjoy using the Kingston multi-functional serving try while serving your favorite snacks or beverages.  Add this beautiful, hammered tray to our Aspen beverage tubs.  When combined, it not only creates an impressive set, but our trays also provide protection for any surface.  Our trays are developed with an increased 2" depth to help catch those pesky splashes, spills, and bucket condensation.  They are completed with an easy to clean glossy finish, built to last.

Material:  202 stainless steel
Size:  21"L x 14"W x 2"H | 1.8lbs 
Color:  stainless steel silver

  • Handcrafted
  • Premium 0.55mm material thickness
  • Scratch resistant mirrored finish
  • Food safe
  • Use as serving tray or combine with the BREKX Aspen Hammered Beverage Tub in Stainless Steel